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Bring Events into Clear Focus with the Unmatched Flexibility and Control of TimeMap® 5


You already know that TimeMap is the industry leading timeline graphing tool that lets you create high quality, low cost timelines in seconds. Now, it’s better than ever with the release of TimeMap 5!

Quickly bring the events in your case into clear focus with TimeMap 5. A new Spreadsheet View, global search-and-replace feature, expanded image capabilities and improved date display tools give you unmatched flexibility, automation, ease of use and control.

TimeMap helps you transform facts in your case into a visual timeline of events in minutes—no graphic expertise required! Visual timelines make it easy for your litigation team, witnesses, clients, the judge, jurors and other key players to understand the sequence of events in a case. And with TimeMap you keep production costs low at pennies per timeline.

TimeMap works seamlessly with CaseMap® fact and issue management software. With a click, you can send facts from CaseMap to TimeMap. Then just let TimeMap handle the rest!


You can learn more about TimeMap 5 by:


Downloading a full-featured trial version


Reading more about TimeMap 5’s new features


Watch a What's New In TimeMap 5 webinar


Watch webinars on other TimeMap features


Full-Featured Trial Version

The best way to learn about TimeMap is to download the full-featured trial version and experiment with it. Play with the included example charts or create your own.


Click here to view our TimeMap Brochure (1.16 MB)


Click here to download TimeMap


System Requirements

TimeMap 5 requires Vista, Windows XP, 2000 or 2003.  If your system runs one of these operating systems, it has enough juice to run TimeMap. 


Please note that TimeMap 5 does not support Windows 95, 98, NT or ME.

The TimeMap Installation Package is ~10 MB. TimeMap timeline files are small, typically no more than 100k each.


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