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From TimeMap to PowerPoint in 3 Clicks!


[Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - August 8, 2005] - TimeMap 4's new "Send to PowerPoint" feature makes it incredibly easy to create PowerPoint slide shows based on TimeMap timeline graphs. Three clicks in TimeMap and bam! You’ve created a PowerPoint presentation.

Timeline graphing presentations aren’t just for demonstrative court presentations anymore. Creating timelines used to take hours, but since TimeMap 4’s unique features only takes minutes you can easily create presentations for brainstorming with your staff, meeting with clients, in briefs and in other new ways. Use the "Send to PowerPoint" feature to instantly create a slide show from TimeMap’s polished timeline visuals.

Here's an example of this feature's default behavior: Say you've created a TimeMap timeline containing 15 facts. Clicking TimeMap 4's "Send to PowerPoint" option instantly generates a PowerPoint Slide Show containing 15 separate slides, each with the next fact in sequence presented front and center. Facts that have been shown on prior slides are faded back, but visible. Future facts are hidden. Pressing F5 in PowerPoint kicks off the presentation and you're viewing a slide show in which the timeline builds from slide to slide.

TimeMap 4 to PowerPoint is the perfect tool when you are presenting a demonstrative court presentation. A 1992 study of juror retention revealed that jurors retain 100% more information when it is presented visually as opposed to orally. In addition, juror retention increases by a remarkable 650% if information is presented both visually and orally as opposed to strictly orally. For more information, see the Weiss-McGrath Report, McGraw-Hill.

Check out all of these new features by downloading a full-feature trial version of TimeMap 4:

   • Vertical Timelines
   • Timeline Graphs up to 100 Pages Wide or Tall
   • Enhanced Integration with Acrobat PDF, Sanction & CaseMap
   • Sophisticated New Looks and Polished New Work Product Options

Visit to download TimeMap 4 and full-feature trail versions of all CaseSoft tools.

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CaseSoft, a division of DecisionQuest-a Bowne company, develops software that is being used by tens of thousands of professionals around the world -- from solo practitioners, to the largest law firms, U.S. Department of Justice and United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. CaseMap case analysis software organizes thinking about facts, witnesses, documents and issues in a case. TimeMap, our chronology graphing tool, makes it easy to create timeline visuals for use during hearings and trial. NoteMap our outliner, helps capture thoughts and organize them in a coherent, effective order. Our suite of products also includes, TextMap, a transcript summary tool and DepPrep for witness preparation.

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