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CaseSoft Wins Seven 2006 TechnoLawyer @ Awards


[PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – June 2006] - LexisNexis US, a leading provider of information services and solutions, today announced that recently acquired CaseSoft has won a total of seven @ Awards from TechnoLawyer, a leading online legal technology and practice management forum with over 12,500 members across the United States. This recognition comes as part of the ninth annual TechnoLawyer @ Awards, which were announced on June 1, 2006.

The TechnoLawyer @ Awards cover 24 different technology product and service categories. TechnoLawyer members are lawyers and legal IT managers who buy technology for thousands of law firms, making them particularly qualified to annually select the top products and services in the legal technology market.

Products and services provided by CaseSoft won top honors in the following categories:

  • CaseMap case analysis tool took first place in the Favorite Litigation Support Solution, Favorite Knowledge Management Solution and Favorite Practice Area Solution.
  • TimeMap timeline graphing tool received the Favorite Trial Presentation Solution award.
  • TextMap transcript summary tool received the Favorite Transcript Management Solution award.

  • CaseSoft also won in the Legal-Specific Technology Support and TechnoRelease of 2005 categories.

CaseSoft tools and solutions won all but one of their eligible categories, and the seven awards represent twice as many awards as received by any competing firm. The awards also bring the total number of awards CaseSoft has earned to more than 50 over the past 5 years.

“We are honored lawyers chose CaseSoft products and services as the industry leader in so many of the areas vital to efficient and successful case analysis,” said Greg Krehel, CaseSoft CEO. “The overwhelming vote of confidence from the legal community affirms our effort to deliver a compelling suite of fact management and analysis services to meet the needs of today’s litigation needs.”

More broadly, LexisNexis garnered a total of 18 first place TechnoLawyer @ awards, including LexisNexis Total Litigator’s selection as Favorite New Legal Product and, for the third year in a row, LexisNexis Applied Discovery as Favorite Electronic Discovery Solution.

LexisNexis recently announced the addition of CaseSoft to its family of companies through an acquisition as part of its strategy to provide the most complete set of tools and services for litigators. That effort includes implementation of, CaseMap, as the workflow platform that all of the key products that make up the LexisNexis Total Litigator suite will be linked and integrated.


About Case Soft

LexisNexis CaseSoft is the leading provider of fact management and analysis tools for litigators and their clients. LexisNexis recently announced the addition of CaseSoft to its family of companies through an acquisition as part of its strategy to provide the most complete set of tools and services for litigators.

CaseSoft delivers six tools for litigators, including, CaseMap, its flagship case analysis tool, and TimeMap, its timeline graphing tool. CaseMap is a central repository for critical case knowledge. Clients use it to organize information about the key facts, documents, cast of characters, issues, and case law in every matter. CaseMap makes it easy to analyze these case details and to create practical and polished work product based on them.

TimeMap makes it incredibly easy to create timeline graphs. Enter facts directly or by sending them from CaseMap and TimeMap instantly creates a timescale and positions fact flags along it. The work that used to take hours and cost a lot of money now takes minutes and costs pennies.


About TechnoLawyer @ Awards

The most comprehensive set of awards in the legal market, the TechnoLawyer @ Awards recognize customer loyalty. Every year, TechnoLawyer members vote for their favorite blogs, products, services, and Web sites in a variety of categories. In addition, three @ Awards pay tribute to individuals — TechnoLawyer of the Year, Favorite TechnoLawyer Contributor, and Legal Technology Consultant of the Year. Only TechnoLawyer members may vote in the @ Awards. “@ Awards” and its accompanying slogan are registered trademarks of PeerViews Inc.


About LexisNexis

LexisNexis ( is a leading provider of information and services solutions, including its flagship Web-based Lexis and Nexis research services, to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets. A member of Reed Elsevier Group plc [NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK] (, the company does business in 100 countries with 13,000 employees worldwide.
In the United States, LexisNexis ( offers its customers total practice solutions comprised of an extensive range of online and print legal, regulatory, news and business information products, tools, customized Web applications and critical filing services that help legal professionals achieve excellence in the business and practice of law.

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