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CaseSoft, Dataflight & Syngence Announce Joint Integration Project


[PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – March 18, 2005] - The CaseSoft division of DecisionQuest, a Bowne company, announces a new collaborative development project with Dataflight Software and Syngence LLC. Users of their flagship offerings, respectively CaseMap case analysis software, Concordance litigation management software, and Synthetix™ linguistic pattern searching, can rapidly link case knowledge with evidence found in collections of scanned paper and e-discovery.

Once tied together, users will be able to seamlessly perform a Synthetix linguistic pattern search upon any fact, object, issue, or question found in CaseMap. The Synthetix search will further locate any corroborating or refuting text that may exist in data housed in a Concordance database.

Synthetix is a highly precise search method which “thinks” just as a human would do to determine the meaning of a page, only it performs the action thousands of times faster. For attorneys and investigators using CaseMap to capture their thoughts regarding a case, the Synthetix integration provides a non-intimidating interface which queries their Concordance databases, searching for potentially critical documents and emails related to those same thoughts.

CaseMap 5.0 users wishing to take advantage of this integration will need to download the “Synthetix Window” available at and must have the 8.1 version of Concordance installed.


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