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[PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – January, 2006] Announcing Integration Between CaseMap & Interwoven and Hummingbird DM Applications.

CaseSoft is pleased to announce that the release of new DM Integration products that link our CaseMap case analysis tool and the latest versions of the Document Management Systems developed by Interwoven (a.k.a. iManage) and Hummingbird.

Once these utilities have been installed, CaseMap users will be able to link records in CaseMap case files to any type of documents stored in either Interwoven WorkSite or Hummingbird DM5. Moreover, attorneys and paralegals working with Acrobat PDF files will be able to employ an updated version of the "Send to CaseMap" Plug-In for Acrobat that's designed to handle PDFs stored in Interwoven and Hummingbird applications.

Webinars showing the integration at work are available 24/7 at

If you're interested in learning more about the integration or in purchasing the Interwoven or Hummingbird DM Integration Utility, please contact your CaseSoft Account Representative or write

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