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Introducing Our NoteMap Outlining Software
Our NoteMap outliner makes it super easy to create, edit and use outlines — far easier than creating outlines with word-processing software.

NoteMap is incredibly easy to learn and use. You'll be up and outlining in less than 15 minutes. NoteMap is a full-featured outliner that offers:

  • Hoist, Mark, Fold and Lock features that make it easy to work with outlines

  • Live Spell Checking

  • Note Sorting

  • Full Screen Mode (handy for brainstorming and presenting)

  • The ability to link outline notes to external files such as images.

  • Exporting of outlines to Word and WordPerfect with just one click.

  • Importing of outlines from WordPerfect, Word and defunct outliners like ECCO using copy and paste.

  • Exporting of outlines to PowerPoint and Corel with one click to jumpstart the creation of a presentation.

  • Oodles of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to edit and use outlines without having to click your mouse.

NoteMap 2 is now available! The brand new version of our outliner is now available for download. Click here to read more about what's new in NoteMap 2.

Full-Featured Trial Version
The best way to learn about our NoteMap outliner is to download the full-featured trial version and experiment with it. Play with the included example outlines or create your own. Click here to download NoteMap.

System Requirements
If your system has enough juice to run Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP, it can run our NoteMap outliner. The NoteMap Installation Package is ~5 MB. NoteMap outline files are small, typically no more than 500k each.

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