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About DepPrep
DepPrep is an electronic tutorial that makes it easy to groom witnesses for their depositions. All aspects of deposition preparation are covered -- everything from deponent demeanor to how to answer a question.

DepPrep isn’t intended to eliminate the interaction between witness and counsel as deposition approaches. Rather, DepPrep enhances the time counsel spends with a witness. Instead of dealing with perfunctory points, you’re free to focus on the most critical issues. Moreover, witnesses who spend 30 – 45 minutes with DepPrep are ready to make the most out of their interaction with counsel.

A free, full-featured version of our DepPrep witness preparation tool is available for download. Click here to download a trial version of DepPrep.

DepPrep results from a joint development effort by CaseSoft and attorney David A. Hirsch, co-author of the monthly Tech Audit column in the ABA Journal. David authored the content. We at CaseSoft worked with David to organize the presentation material and then created the electronic tutorial.

Here are samples of feedback on DepPrep from attorneys:

“I have used DepPrep with several witnesses and concluded they were more comfortable and better prepared at the time of their depositions as a result. There is an obvious qualitative improvement of the witness' understanding of the deposition process because of DepPrep. They just make better witnesses. They better understand the deposition process after reviewing DepPrep for 30 minutes than if I work with them for a longer time.”

“My practice has been to sit the client in front of a workstation where I set up DepPrep and then meet with the client afterward. When I meet with the client after they review DepPrep, I can concentrate on the wedge issues of their testimony, confident they already know what depositions are about.”

To order DepPrep or get any questions answered, please call (919) 378-2769, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET (-5GMT) Time Monday through Friday or write

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